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It's been over a year now since my big chop and I can finally experiment with hairstyles. Hurray!

Styled bantu knot out

Truth be told, I have no special talent when it comes to styling my hair and I like to keep it messy and fluffy to give the illusion of volume. Braiding and twisting with or without extensions is fine but besides that I usually do the bare minimum. I know how hard it can be to find cute hairstyles when your hair is still short, so here are a few you can achieve without any particular tools or styling chops.


1. The Bantu Knot Out (by Evelyn From The Internets)

This one is pretty standard but always useful. This style is great for curl definition and to get some volume if you have low hair density.



2. The Puff (by GodCallsMeBeloved)

Another standard, the puff is my go-to style when I don't have time to do something more elaborate or when I just feel lazy. Try adding colorful accessories (a flower, a pretty headband, etc.) to spice it up a bit!



3. The Curly Fro Hawk (by Melshary Arias)

This hairstyle is great for those who want to create volume on top of their head.



4. The Turban Bun (by TheChicNatural)

It's not because your hair is short that you can't use tricks to make it appear longer! To achieve this look you'll need some extensions and a LOT of bobby pins.


So ladies, which of these hairstyles would you rock?



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  • KT

    May 5, 2015 at 19:38

    I love the videos and ideals along with the information given. Thank you it was very helpful for someone like me to just be starting out with the short fro…


    SaSha Reply:

    Hey KT, thanks for stopping by!
    I’m happy to know the post was helpful to you. You can come back anytime! :)
    All the best on your hair journey !


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