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So how was your Christmas? I hope it was full of joy, fun, good food and laughter for all of you!

But now, it's already time to prepare for the next celebration day. I wanted to write a quick post to give you guys some hairstyles ideas for your New Year's Eve parties, so I went straight to Youtube and this is what I found...


1) Tousled Curls (by CharyJay)

I love CharyJay's hair tutorials. Her hair, makeup and style are always on point! If you find yourself wondering what to do next with your hair, head over to her channel.



2) The Braid and Tuck (by CaribBeauty)

This style is cute, classy and easy to do. You can always add an accessory to make it even more feminine.



3) Side Updo with a Faux Bang (by LHDC-TV)

If you're going to a formal party, this elegant updo is for you! You can make it even more slick by smoothing down the hair a little more and adding some gel. (tutorial starts at 1:00)



4) T'n'C Curly Fro (by Fusionof Cultures)

T'n'C stands for Twist and Curl. You'll need perm rods for this style that can be achieved on natural hair, but will also work for transitioners and relaxed gals. Enjoy!


So, which style are you going to rock on New Year's Eve?



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