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Thanks for stopping by guys!

I'm a singer, lover of all arts and natural hair aficionado living in Switzerland.

Since you won't see a lot of pictures of myself in these parts, here is one so you won't think I'm a creepy old dude with a fetish for natural hair!


I started this blog to share my love of natural hair. But as it grew, this blog took a life of his own. Now, I write mostly about all things related to african fashion, culture and beauty. But don't worry if you came here for natural hair infos, I'm still writing about that since I'm still passionate about this subject. By the way, if you wanna know more about my hair story, please feel free to read my post about it.

So thanks again for stopping by! I hope you'll enjoy what you see!

P.S: If you speak French, head over to the French part of the blog. There's even more to read there! :)

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