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This post is the third and last of the series "Building a hair regimen: Washing, moisturizing and prepping your hair for bedtime". Dont' forget to read part 1 and part 2!


So it's time to get down to the last part of your hair regimen: how to prep your hair for bedtime. I think this step is quite important 'cause there's a high probability that if you overlook it, you will wake up with a dry and tangled mess on your head every morning.

If you're wearing your hair out, the first thing to remember is to always check your fro before going to bed. Is your scalp ok? Is your hair tangled? Is it dry? If so, do what's necessary. Treat your scalp, finger detangle, moisturize, etc.


The reason why you should protect your hair at night.

I'm sure you've heard about using a satin (or even silk) scarf/bonnet to tie up your hair for the night. Trust me, I know it isn't the sexiest item to wear. My boyfriend calls me "his cute little painter" when I put my bonnet on (because it's big and always falls on one side of my head), but... umm... no.




So why put the bonnet on you may ask (except for destroying the chance of any type of romance and sensuality in your relationship)? Well, because cotton in the bed linen absorbs the moisture of the hair and skin. By sporting a scarf or bonnet, you're actually protecting your hair from moisture loss and breakage, since hair strands can also get caught in the cotton fibers and be pulled during your sleep. Added bonus: it will help you keep your hairstyle longer. If you don't like the idea of wrapping up your hair at night (for some obscure reasons that may or may not be related to your need to look sexy when you go to bed), feel free to use a satin/silk pillow case instead.


How to avoid (more) tangles.

As you already know, you can't avoid your hair to get tangled. It's part of the curly/kinky girl's circle of life. You have strands of hair that are so in love with each other that they feel the need to rub against one another to create wonderful baby knots that you'll spend hours detangling over and over again. *sarcastic mini-rant over*

When my hair was short, I used to simply put my bonnet on and go to sleep. Those were happier days that I thought would last forever. Unfortunately, as my hair grew, I kept noticing new knots every morning when I was wearing my hair out. So I went to look for a solution, and this is what I found...


Depending on your hairstyle and hair texture, you can:

a) Re-braid / re-twist your hair or,

b) Use the pineapple method, i.e. gathering your hair on top of your head.


 (video by NaturalLady509)


Remember that the key to avoiding knots in tightly coiled hair is to keep it as stretched as possible, and keep your ends smooth and sealed.


Ladies, what is your night time routine? How is it working for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.




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