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Lost in the jungle of naturalistas' terminology? This glossary might help you. And don't hesitate to comment if you think something is missing!


  • Alopecia / traction alopecia: gradual loss of hair, usually along the hairline. It can be caused by the improper/excessive use of relaxer or by an external pulling source like small and/or tight braids and weaves.
  • Hair regimen: What you daily/weekly/monthly to take care of your hair.
  • Protective style: A style used to retain length by keeping hair manipulation to a minimum and the ends of your hair protected.
  • Transition: The process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends. Alternative to the big chop.



  • ACV: Apple cider vinegar. Usually used as a rinse to clarify hair.
  • BC: Big chop. Process of cutting off the relaxed/permed ends once you've decide to go natural. Some people do it early on and start their journey with a TWA, with other prefer transitioning first to avoid the TWA phase.
  • DC: Deep conditioner.
  • EVOO and EVCO: Extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil.
  • SSK: Single strand knots.
  • TLC: Tender loving care.
  • TWA: Teeny weeny afro.



  • Baggy method: The process of applying a moisturizing agent on your ends (or on your all hair) before placing a plastic bag over it to lock in moisture.
  • Clarifying: Removing product buildup and mineral deposits on your hair.
  • Cowashing: Washing your hair with conditioner only.
  • Finger detangling: Detangling your hair with your fingers only.
  • Prepoo: Applying moisture (hot oil treatment, conditioner or DC) before your shampoo/cleanse.
  • Sealing: The process of retaining moisture in your hair by applying an oil or a butter on top of your water-based moisturizing product.


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