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If you're following my Facebook page, you may already know that I attended 3 natural hair events in 2013. The Natural Hair Academy in Paris, a workshop in Geneva (with Angie, the founder and CEO of The Hairoine), and - last, but certainly not least - the screening of the documentary "Kickin' it with the Kinks" in September at the UPAF.

According to their blog: "Kickin' it with the Kinks is a documentary where Mundia (co-founder of BlackGirlFlow) explores the complexities of haircare among women of African descent. While many have opted to be part of the growing trend of "going natural", others continue to go through great lengths to achieve unnaturally long flowy hair."


Directed/produced by Cynthia Butare and originally conceived as a university project, this documentary definitely met its audience right off the bat and has since been screened in 9 countries. The blog, created soon after the release, even won the title of "Blog of the year" at the BEEFTA awards last October in London. Congratulations to the whole team!


So let's talk about the screening that took place in Geneva in September. I heard about it from Cynthia herself and I was more than excited to finally be able to watch her work. One thing for sure, the organizers were not ready for the amount of people who actually came! Some folks had to watch the documentary standing up 'cause Geneva was definitely in da house!

The discussion afterwards allowed people from the audience to share their views and opinions on the subject. It went from relaxers, to the lack of good hair salons in Switzerland, to colonialism, to pan-africanism and beyond. Once again, it was interesting to see that hair, for many of us, is NOT just hair.









Cynthia Butare & her mom
Cynthia Butare & her mom kickin' it!

See you in 2014 ladies! ;)


Update (21/02/2014): The documentary is now online! You can watch it on Vimeo. Enjoy the film and share it with friends!




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