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Soooooooo, Happy New Year to you all!

I want to start by thanking you for reading my blog. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I started it 2 months ago and it's a brand new adventure for me. It's always been easier for me to sing words rather than saying them, and writing stuff that people are going to read is... something different. And it's terrifying. Even though I'm known to be quite funny and outgoing, I'm also the kind of person who thinks (too) carefully before trying new things. I usually anticipate what could go wrong instead of thinking about all that could go right.

I've always believed in the adage "better safe than sorry", but these last years I realized I was applying that to a tee in all areas of my life. I was not being cautious, I was being afraid. And thus, I was letting part of my life pass me by, making more unfulfilling choices than I should.


I am not a changed person and this is not a "before/after" post. I'm still afraid, but it's okay now. The only thing different about me is that I'm not as paralyzed as I used to. I finally understand that it isn't about finding happiness, it's about being happy. Stepping out of your own boundaries, of what others expect from you and what you expect from yourself. Living in the moment and conquering your fears one step at a time. Figuring out the things you're passionate about and doing them. That's why I started this blog. Natural hair is (one of) my thing and even though I'm still struggling with the writing, I'm sure I'll get better along the way. Will you bear with me in the meantime?

Once again, thank you for reading and may this new year be filled with joy, light and new adventures for all of you.




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